What lies beneath?

It is critical when deciding what type of house or extension you or your architect/building designer propose to build, to consider what lies beneath. The requirement of a soil

classification / geotechnical report should not be taken lightly nor just be a document that merely ticks the box in order to obtain a building permit.

Soil testing is a procedure usually conducted by a qualified engineer in order to determine the workability of the soil that is to be located beneath a new building structure and its foundations. A site soil test report is critical to avoid potential and unnecessary costs. The term foundation defines the substrate that houses your proposed footing system whether it be stumps, strip footings or a concrete slab.

Many of the residential development properties around North Eastern Victoria are founded on expansive clays - a finding from 25 years of soil investigations in and around the Mansfield region. Most of these clays however aren't as expansive as the western suburbs of Melbourne or more drastically the heavy vertisol clays of Adelaide.

Substandard slab design are usually caused by poorly classified sites, so it is important to ensure soil classifications and reports determine actual characteristic ground surface movement that engineers refer to as the 'ys value'.

Characteristic ground surface movement is the vertical movement the ground experiences annually throughout the dry and wet seasons. Up and down movement centrally to a slab or on the edge can put significant structural strains on the structure which is why some designs call for more reinforcement and deeper edge beams. Ground movement can also be enhanced by both the addition of trees as they approach their mature height, and the removal of trees considering their proximity to the footing system.

Taylor Consulting Engineers are specialists in soil reports and and offer unrivalled qualified services in the local Mansfield area and surrounding region. Contact us today for a confidential free discussion of your requirements...

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