Who should carry out an LCA?

If you plan to install a septic tank system/domestic wastewater treatment system you may need to first provide a Land Capability Assessment or LCA to Council.

An LCA is a report prepared by a suitably qualified person, which you may need to submit to Council if you plan manage you wastewater onsite.

The preparation of a LCA requires a range of professional skills and should be produced to a high standard to meet the requirements of Council, the EPA Code of Practice and AS/NZS 1547:2012. The LCA should be prepared by an appropriately qualified and experienced professional in the environmental, geotechnical, engineering, soil science and/or wastewater consulting field.

Land owners are advised to ensure that their chosen assessor can demonstrate the appropriate qualifications, accreditation and experience and have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

Should you be advised that a mechanical treatment plant is the only answer for your site, please seek alternate advice.

For further information regarding onsite wastewater, please click the following link:


If you would like to discuss or organise a Land Capabaility Assessement contact us today.

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